Amtrak unveils new 350 km/h "Avelia Liberty" bullet train

Amtrak, the United States Department of Transportation's passenger rail corporation, recently ordered 28 new sets manufactured by the French train producer Alstom.

Titled the "Avelia Liberty," it will eventually replace the existing Acela Express manufactured by Bombardier and Alstom. The new sets will create an extreme improvement in regular service speed, with a possible speed of up to 350 km/h (220mph) when not tilting, and the new "Tiltronix" system will allow much faster speeds on curved portions, shaving precious minutes off of the journey from Boston, MA to Washington, DC.

The assembly will take place in New York's Hornell and Rochester, in the state where Amtrak's flagship Penn Station is anchored in the heart of Manhattan. Amtrak is slated to retire the current Acela fleet in 2022, when all 28 sets will be fully delivered. The long-term technical support will be provided by Alstom, as well.

The new line will allow for half-hourly peak service between New York Penn Station and the District of Columbia's Union Station, increasing mobility for those in the Northeast Corridor to move between the United States' major cities and socioeconomic epicenters. One-third greater passenger capacity will create an less crowded environment for easy travel between urban centers.

With USB ports, power sockets, WiFi and accessibility features, Amtrak seeks to bring better high-speed "bullet" train access to Americans.