59th/Columbus Turnstile Market: The "Underground United Nations" of Food

Though the whole of New York City is known for its diverse food collection, rarely do you see so many differing cultures come to live in one place. That's exactly what the Turnstile market under the 59th St/Columbus Circle subway station offers.

I happened to be walking by, and noticed the market attached to the 59th St. station. Curious, I headed inside. One of the first shops that struck my eye was a Russian Dumpling spot – I ordered some at the snack size and took a seat under the subway bullet direction signs for a quick lunch.

When I kept walking, I noticed that it wasn't just Russian food, it was so much more – have a look:

I will certainly be back to try some more places! Onward.

📅 9 March 2019 • 📷 Pixel 2 XL & Osmo Pocket