How I ported an Xfinity (or Verizon!) Landline number to Google Voice VoIP for Free

My grandmother recently made the decision to sell her house, as she is getting older and would be better suited to move in with family. However, this meant that we would have to cancel her cable subscription, and that she would lose the phone number that everyone knew.

Google Voice was our ideal target to move this number to, because she could keep her existing iPhone phone number and setup, but anyone who called her old number would still reach her. Oh, and we wouldn't have to pay monthly for it.

Initially I tried moving the number from Xfinity to Google Voice directly - but unfortunately they don't support transferring a landline number.

So, I headed to an AT&T store, and transferred the number to a prepaid SIM (which weirdly, canceled her entire service (TV and internet as well) - something we were planning on doing anyway but... wasn't what I expected). This cost me about $15. (Actually $20, but I got 1GB of data for no reason)

Then, after about 30 days, Google Voice successfully was able to transfer the number into the system (which cost me $20). Weirdly, I had to call AT&T to find my account number - it wasn't on the packaging or the website anywhere.

tl;dr, here's how you transfer a number from Xfinity (or other cable providers like Verizon or Spectrum) to a free Voice number:

  1. Port number to prepaid AT&T SIM (or other brand)
  2. Wait about 30 days
  3. Call AT&T for your account number
  4. Transfer to Google Voice
  5. Enjoy!